Kids are leaving Facebook in droves. The social media website is essentially become a truck-stop for baby boomers with a lot of time on their hands. Parents know their kids are chatting on-line, but where? Kids are hanging out in other sites to do their "communicating". This may help:

--Snapchat Leaving an internet footprint for any length of time is dumb. This site gives pics and videos a shelf life of about 10 seconds or less. Then...poof!

--Pheed The company that put this site up says they'll have 6 million users by the end of the year.

--PicsArt Free photo and editing tools plus it has 77 million downloads for mobile devices

--Tumblr You can do it all here! Blog (my favorite!) post videos and pictures. 65% of teens use it.

--Vine 40 million users. It's kind of an offshoot of Twitter. If you're kid has a short attention span, this is probably where they are.

Now..go get 'em!