An Atlantic City hotel can control how much weight it's cocktail servers can gain. Oh boy...It's the Borgata Hotel & Casino. 25 chicks known as "Borgata Babes" object to the policy. They say the casino only strong arms this policy on the female servers. The guys get a pass.

What do you think? Can casinos regulate the weight of the waitresses?

My take? Are they told this ahead of time before they're hired? If they are and have an issue, then walk out the door and find someplace else to work. If somebody had a problem with it, they shouldn't work there.

Listen, Disney has had an appearance and grooming policy for years now. No beards, no long sideburns, no fake fingernails, dangly earrings, tattoos all over the arms. Let's be honest, a 300 lb guy won't be cast as the lead in "Tarzan Rocks", and an obese woman will never be "Cinderella" in a Disney production. I think that would get people to notice and think....WTH!

I think a company has a right to enforce a certain appearance code for its' employees.

Listen to Joe talk with Attorney, Sonya Madison about this...