Listen, if you've never had to ask for directions if you're lost, or never had the chicken pox, you or someone you know could be in the Class of 2017.

Beloit College in Wisconsin puts a list together every year about what a particular class of kids graduating 4 years from now have and are exposed to in their early life. Generally speaking, these kids are very tech-savvy (not surprising), they are multi-cultural with non-sectarian views, and an "ecumenical sense of spirituality". Cool!

Here are a few hi-lites of what their lives have been like so far:

--You may see LL Cool J and Eminem at a Parent's Weekend, since they had kids in 1995

--Getting a cell phone may be a bigger deal to these kids than getting a car

--"Chatting" doesn't necessarily mean "talking"...sad

--Concerts they've been to have never been filled with cigarette smoke

How about the Class of 2018? You'll have to check in a year from today. I'll let you know.