Apparently, all new Chevy ads must include at least one gay couple.

And if that bothers you, you’re a homophobe bigot whose religion denied women the vote and backed slavery. And any number of Facebook Crusaders are lurking about waiting to tell you that.

The new orthodoxy is on the march and if you don’t clap loud enough you will be handled like a North Korean uncle.

The new test of social acceptance in America is how enthusiastically you embrace all things gay. First it was sitcoms, now it’s Chevys, and while anchors gravely wonder if coming out as gay will hurt a young football player’s draft prospects, we all know it will help him, and will make him a lot of money.

Homosexuals have gone from persecuted to protected to privileged, and the swinging pendulum has just smashed conservative Christians right in the face. And while we watch an Olympics hosted by a country that functionally denies freedom of the press, religion, speech and assembly – to say nothing of free and fair elections – our outrage is exclusively limited to restrictions on homosexuals.

And even in our upset with the Russians at their anti-gay laws we are illogical. While Russia is certainly not polite to its gay citizens, it’s nothing like the 80-some nations around the Muslim and African world where homosexuality is totally illegal and sometimes punishable by death.

We bash Russia for its laws, and funnel untold U.S. government aid to dozens of nations that are dramatically worse.

It’s illogical.

Just like the belief that you can sell more cars by offending the social and religious sensibilities of almost half of Americans. With gay marriage legalized by courts and voters in 17 states – and specifically forbidden by voters in 29 states – the notion that it is mainstream enough to be embraced in an advertisement for a mass-appeal product like an automobile is insane.

But it seems some advertisers are selling something other than product.

First, Coke told us English is optional, then Chevy told us gay marriage is universal. Ads like that aren’t selling products, they are selling ideas.

Rather, they are cramming ideas down the throats of people who thought they were simply watching the Super Bowl or the Olympics.

Whereas the conventional thinking in advertising is to present messages in a way acceptable to all, our biggest companies now make pitches offensive to many.

And the attack dogs of political correctness stand ready to rip to shreds anyone who doesn’t enthusiastically shout, “Amen!” Heaven help anyone who expresses a hint of disagreement.

Tolerance becomes intolerant, diversity becomes orthodoxy, parity becomes priority, and the manipulators of popular culture seem hell bent on an assault against traditional Christian and patriotic values.

It is openly accepted to savage the religious views of those who still hold with 2,000 years of Christian teaching.

The moral anarchists took control of our pulpits, our classrooms, our entertainment industry, our politics and, now, even our TV commercials. The whipping and shaping of the American mind away from the values of generations, away from the God of our fathers, is unrelenting.

But there is nothing new under the sun.

The new morality is simply the old immorality.

And if all the world abandon the truth, that will not change the truth. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And marriage is not defined by either car commercials or activist judges.

It was defined by the God who made man in his own image and who gave Adam and Eve to one another to give rise to the human family.

We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and it is wrong to identify homosexual matters as a particular or unique sin, but it is also wrong champion them, and hold them as exemplary.

And free Americans should be free to believe and say that. Free Americans must be free to say, with the Apostle Paul, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,” and declare the teachings of traditional Christianity accordingly. We must be free to declare and live our beliefs free of harassment, intimidation and sanction.

No matter what the car commercials say.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2014