Apparently, Piers Morgan had a TV show.

It was on CNN.

He was the host nobody watched on the network nobody watched.

And on Friday they cut him loose. Hopefully, now he’ll go back to wherever people who talk funny come from.

But as a parting shot, just before they turned out the lights, he lectured us benighted colonials on our nasty taste for guns. He told us we needed more gun control and would remain in the category of Third World savages until we do it.

He said he did this because he loved us Americans, and wanted to keep more of us alive.

As if we don’t have enough self-important liberals in America, CNN had to import one. And he, like all of his progressive friends, figures that it’s his business to tell you how to live.

And you’ve got to get rid of your guns.

Even though if it wasn’t for your guns, he’d be speaking German.

What Piers Morgan, as a subject of her majesty, may not realize, is that in America we value freedom. That’s why we’re not subjects of her majesty.

We are descended from people who told an English king to go screw himself. Piers Morgan is descended from people who curtsy. We’re wired different.

More to the point, we’re wired right.

And he’s wired European.

Progressivism – a fundamentally European philosophy – embraces the state and its patriarchy. Americanism – something we cooked up on our own over here – believes that we stand on our own two feet. They favor orthodoxy, we favor liberty.

They want a government-regulated homogenous society, purged of social or cultural distinction and income inequality. We want to live and let live.

We believe in the pursuit of happiness, and we get to decide what our own happiness is.

When the French people rose up to demand liberty, they spiraled into savagery and slaughter. When the American people rose up to demand liberty, we set a standard that inspired the world.

When the British people rose up to demand liberty – hold it, never mind, the British people never rose up to demand liberty.

Rather, for most of the last 200 years, when people have risen up against their oppressors, the greatest likelihood was that they were rising up against the British. From Americans to Egyptians to Iraqis to Turks to Indians and Pakistanis, when you’ve had to kick occupiers out of your country, odds are they’ve talked like Piers Morgan.

So, I’m not going to accept him as a subject-matter expert on the subject of liberty

Or journalism, for that matter.

I’m not sure, but doesn’t he come from the British scandal sheet where they pay for stories and hack people’s private phones? What, other than his not-quite-Ringo accent qualified this guy to be on national TV – to the extent that CNN is national TV?

Answer: Nothing.

So, how much credence should we give to his I-want-to-run-America opinions?

Answer: None.

So what should we think about the American fascination with guns?

We should thank God for it.

It bought us our freedom and it has protected our freedom. It has safeguarded our liberties, our homes and our lives.

Guns are not a sign of American savagery, they are a sign of American independence, of the readiness a free people must maintain to maintain their freedoms.

As we watch a disarmed Ukraine lie belly up before Russian invaders, as we mark another anniversary of the genocidal Holocaust, as we see cities in neighboring Mexico torn apart by criminal gangs, and as we see our own government amassing some 700 million rounds of ammunition that it can only legally shoot at its own citizens, you have to think that the ability to fight back is a good thing.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not treaties and documents that tyrants fear, it is might. If the Constitution is disregarded – as it seems so often to be – what vouchsafe for our freedoms do we have, other than our ability to do what our ancestors did?

A British guy wants us disarmed, just like another British guy did back in 1776.

History teaches us that tyrants prefer a docile people, a people who are dependent on the generosity of government for not just their lunch, but their liberty. History also teaches us that docile people ultimately become slaves, first to the taxman and then to the tyrant.

Increasingly, Americans are docile.

Increasingly, Americans lack the self-confidence, self-reliance and self-determination to either value or defend freedom.

But there remain some who see clearly.

And those are the ones who scare the likes of Piers Morgan.

Those are the ones the Second Amendment was written for.

We are a free country.

And we’re going to stay that way.

Because of the Second Amendment.