A Weedsport man has been charged with fraud after sheriffs deputies say he scammed 178 people throughout Cayuga County out of thousands of dollars.

66 year old Harold Monell is being held on 500 dollars bail after police say he spent two years going door to door at the homes of friends and family and asking them for money to pay for his mortgage and other bills.

178 people fell for the sob story and when all was said and done, police say Monell bilked the victims out of 139 thousand dollars.

Police then say he gave that money to another man identified as Daniel Humberstone in a get rich quick scheme. Humberstone promised Monell that he would double the investment from the money he collected. He claimed to be in line for a large settlement, which never existed.

Humberstone was arrested last fall by police and he remains behind bars on Grand Larceny charges.

Anyone with information concerning the investigation or anyone who may have been scammed by Monell is being asked to contact Lt. Joe Weekes at 253-3902.