Hundreds of Syracuse school teachers packed into tonight's school board meeting where they announced the results of a vote on whether they think Superintendent Sharon Contreras should keep her job.

The school board meeting was moved to a new location because of the crowd expected, and when all was said and done, the leader of the teachers union announced that 95 percent of their members had expressed a vote of no confidence in Superintendent Contreras after three years on the job.

A few weeks ago, school board member Max Ruckdeschel announced publically at a school board meeting that he too had lost confidence in Conteras and wanted the board to begin a search for a new leader.

Hundreds of teachers abruptly left the meeting after the announcement was made, but many parents stayed and expressed thier support for Contreras.

On another front, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has now brokered a meeting between Contreras and the teachers union to try and come to some common ground, but she says she understands the frustration of teachers in the district.