A SUNY Oswego student got the fright of her life last week and when all was said and done, she realized she had been scammed.

20 year old Christy Wood got a call last week from a man claiming that her father had been in an accident and if she didn't wire him 500 dollars, her father would be killed. The caller claimed that he had a criminal record and her father had attempted to call police. He claimed that he and his other "gang" members had kidnapped her father and were holding him in a Syracuse location. Wood says the call sounded convincing and she was forced to stay on the line with him while she attempted to gather the money.

Wood was forced to clean out her credit union account, but still didn't have enough money and that's when she decided to pawn her laptop computer and then the money was wired to the man on the phone.

Wood says she was in a state of panic after sending the money until she was finally able to get a hold of her father who told her he was just fine and it appeared that she had become the victim of a scam.

Last week, Syracuse Police issued a warning about this scam that's making the rounds. The police says the caller on the other end threatens violence against family members if the money isn't paid.

Wood says the call she got was from an area code in Ohio and hopes others can avoid making the same mistake she did.