New research has revealed the number of deaths caused by Alzheimer's Disease may be far greater than what's been reported by the Centers for Disease Control. 

The CDC reports the number of Alzheimer's deaths in 2010 were 83,494, while new information from an article published in the journal "Neurology" suggests the total was more like 502,000.  Jared Paventi with the local Alzehimer's Association of Central New York says one of the reasons for the under-reporting is that many people don't consider Alzheimer's to be a fatal disease.  But he says it kills brain cells that ultimately affect the body's involuntary functions.  Paventi also thinks that Alzheimer's can do undiagnosed by some doctors, who are less aware of how it presents itself.

Paventi believes this news may help to create more awareness about Alzheimer's, who he says is the only one among the top six that includes heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, accidents that continues to rise.