A shocker at Tuesday nights Board of Education meeting in Syracuse.

There was stone silence when board member Max Ruckdeschel announced that he's lost confidence in School Superintendent Sharon Contreras.

Ruckdeschel told 570 WSYR that the final straw came last night after the board voted to hire a director fo staff relations who he claims is totally unqualified for the job. Ruckdeschel says Contreras has a pattern of hiring unqualified candidates during the last three years she's been on the job.

The board though disagreed with Ruckdeschel last night and voted to hire the new employee.

Ruckdeschel also claims that under her leadership, the quality of education in the city school district has suffered and he's seen no improvement and thinks the board should start looking for a new superintendent.

He says even if the board doesn't agree with him, he's glad he forced the issue into an open meeting last night and at least a conversation can begin about the issue.