A Local grocer pulls contaminated salads from their shelves.

Tops Friendly Markets has pulled salads distributed by Reser’s Fine Foods because they may contain Listeria. “We take every recall very seriously,” said Jim DiMartino, Tops senior manager of regulatory, environmental services and food safety. “At Tops, food safety is our highest priority and we are committed to protecting the health of our neighbors.”

These items are found at Tops’ deli.   

  • Reser’s Pistachio Delight (Pre-packaged) purchased on or after 9/11
  • Reser’s Ambrosia Delight (Pre-packaged)  purchased on or after 9/25
  • Reser’s Ambrosia Salad (Bulk in Deli Case) purchased on or after 9/25
  • Reser’s Four Bean Salad (Bulk in Deli case) purchased on or after 10/09

Customers can return the product to Tops for a full refund.  If consumers are unsure if the product that they bought is part of the recall they can call Reser’s Fine Foods customer service at 800-333-6431.