State Police  have arrested a Liverpool man after allegedly stealing his girlfriends car and went on a joyride.

When troopers caught up with him, the car was stuck in the mud in the Cayuga County Town of Mentz and covered with tree branches.

Troopers later arrested the driver, and only occupant of the Nissan, Ethan Livingston, 21, from Liverpool for DWI after he failed the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. 

When State Police ran the vehicle’s plates, it came back stolen out of Liverpool.  An open container of "Four Loko", a high alcohol content beverage, was also found in the vehicle. 
Investigation revealed Livingston and his girlfriend were involved in an argument when he took her vehicle and left her on the side of the road.  Livingston headed for the Thruway where he ran off the road several times causing damage a 3 different locations. 

Police quickly caught up with his girlfriend and transported her to a safe location where family was waiting.
Troopers booked Livingston for DWI and reported his blood alcohol content at .14%.  He was also charged with Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Auto Accident, and Open Alcohol Container in a Motor Vehicle, both traffic offenses.  No injuries were reported in the incident.