Sentencing today for a local head shop owners who's admitted to selling the synthetic drug known as bath salts all over Central New York.

34 year old John Tebbetts of Rome stood before a federal judge today and got seven years behind bars and three years of supervised release after the feds say he was selling bath salts at 12 head shops all over Central New York.

Prosecutors say Tebbetts also admitted to buying a motor home in 2012 that cost 157 thousand dollars from cash proceeds from his illegal sales. Tebbetts also has to forfeit five other vehicles totaling more than 300 thousand dollars.

These bath salts were the scourge of Central New York for a couple of years causing some users to literally got out of their minds while high on the drug. The drug was sold in his stores under the name of "Spice" and " K2."

His stores were raided by the feds and local police in 2012 and evidence in the case was seized.