Sennet, N.Y. - A family in Cayuga County won’t have a home for the holidays; but a longtime friend is doing everything she can to still give them a special holiday.

A fire this weekend on Turnpike Road in the town of Sennett destroyed the home of the Kepple family.

"They had a short time after they woke up to grab their four young children out of the house, into their vehicle and to the end of their driveway before the fire overtook the house,” says Judy Wnuck a longtime friend who is behind a fundraising effort to raise money to help the Kepple’s rebuild their lives.

Not long after receiving word that her friends had lost nearly everything, Wnuk created a Facebook page so people can find information on how to help the family.

"They are truly overwhelmed by the huge amount of outpouring from the community from church, family, from folks they don't even know who are willing to step up and help them out,” Wnuk said.

The Kepples are staying with family but are in the process of trying to find temporary housing. Wnuck says they are trying to decide if they want to build or move into an existing home.

A fundraising page set up at is currently halfway towards its current goal. For those uncomfortable with giving online fundraiser is taking place on Saturday, Dec. 21 at the Sennett Fire House from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m