A 14-year-old Fayetteville girl has a serious head-start on financing her college education.

Adena Rochelson is one of 10 winners of a $10,000 "Kohl's Cares" scholarship from Kohl's Department Stores.  Adena won thanks to creating "Operation Soap Dish," an effort to collect toiletries and household goods.  Adena began in 2009 when she visited a food pantry with her mother and saw a empty shelf that was supposed to have toiletries on it.  She decided she would use her allowance and birthday money to buy those items and donate them.  That led to organizing a series of drives to collect toiletries, first with her 5th grade class, and then beyond. 

Adena currently has 15 collection drives underway and has collected 23,000 items.  Kohl's is donating too - they are giving Adena's charity $1,000, in addition to her scholarship.