A Syracuse man has been arrested after the cops say he planted a fake bomb outside a city restaurant.

Tense moments at Panini's Restaurant on Harrison Street after the manager there called police and said that someone had taped what appeared to be some sort of device to thier front door and that device resembled a bomb. The manager then spotted 42 year old Glennard McNeill outside and confronted him, but he fled the scene.

The police secured the perimeter around the restaurant and the device turned out to be a imitation bomb, a CO2 cartridge with a firecracker taped together. City police eventually tracked down McNeill and arrested him. Roads and sidewalks around the restaurant were shut down for a half an hour.

McNeill has been charged with placing a false bomb in the first degree. He's now being held in the Justice Center, but there's no word yet on a motive.