An Elbridge woman will appear in court tonight after she admits to shooting and killing her neighbors pitbull last week.

70 year old Susan Leach has been charged with discharging a firearm near a residence, but doesn't have an reservations about what she did last week to defend her cat on her own property.

Leach says her neighbors dogs have been terrorizing the neighborhood for some and she's already taken her neighbor to court over the matter. Leach says dog owner Adam Cleavenger got a 40 dollar fine in that case and a slap on the wrist.

Leach has told 570 WSYR that when the dog started chasing her nine pound cat on her property she had no choice but to grab a gun.

The incident on May 29th, has divided residents in Elbridge. They're split from supporting either dog owner Clevenger or Susan Leach through Facebook and Twitter campaigns. There's even a Facebook page set up showing the bloodied body of the dog after it was killed and the dogs final resting place with a cross over it.