Cicero Police have issued a warning town town residents about a marauding band of wild coyotes who they describe as dangerous.

One Cicero woman was forced to call 911 yesterday after she was returning home from walking her dogs and found three wild coyotes in her backyard. The town's animal control office has been notified and anyone who spots the coyotes are being asked to call 911 immediately.

At the Onondaga County SPCA, Director Paul Morgan says anyone who has a dog or a cat should keep a close eye on thier pets when they're outside because the coyotes won't hesitate to kill those animal in the blink of eye. Morgan says cats are especially vulnerable to this wild animal.

No word on why the coyotes have encroached on the town of Cicero, but they could be looking for food. Morgan says anyone who may have full trash cans sitting outside could be a target for the coyotes.