Oneida Police have been looking for an elderly woman missing since friday, but they now say her family is not cooperating with investigators.

83 year old Margaret Zavalidroga of Blossvale has been missing since Friday. State Police and other agencies have been conducting an exhausting search for her since then.

Now Oneida City Police are calling her disppearance "unusual" and that her family is not cooperating with investigators. They're not even willing to submit a picture of the woman to distribute to the public.

Her son reported Friday that he left his mother in his van on Route 5 in Oneida to run some errands, but he claims when he returned, his mother was gone. Her son was gone for 90 minutes. Police have not been able to verify his claim.

Onondaga County's Air One helicopter was involved in the search for Zavalidroga over the weekend, and they say the missing woman is in good health and did not suffer from any condition which might prompt her to wander off.

Anyone with information on Zavalidroga's whereabouts is being asked to contact Oneida City Police.