A state police cadaver dog reportedly picked up the scent of human remains at the site where the search for Heidi Allen is continuing, and the attorney for the man convicted of her kidnapping plans to argue her client should go free.

Oswego County investigators won't say if the dog found any trace of Heidi at the search site on Rice Road in the town of Mexico.  But the federal public defender representing Gary Thibodeau, convicted of Heidi's kidnapping nearly 20 years ago, says the dog "alerted" twice at the scene, suggesting it smelled human remains.

Thibodeau has always maintained his innocence.  A confession from another convict nearly a year and a half ago that he and two others were responsible for the crime renewed search efforts.  Thibodeau's attorney plans to file a brief with the Oswego County court this week, claiming her client was wrongly convicted.