Summer time can be scam time, and the Better Business Bureau wants to help you not be a victim.

The BBB says door-to-door sales is one way unscrupulous individuals can operate.  They recommend to not sign anything unless you're sure you know who you are dealing with, and that you're doing business with a legitimate local entity.

Another problem area the BBB runs into is employment scams, where job seekers are told they have to pay fees for things like training and background checks.  The BBB says they consider these red flags for potential scams.

Concert ticket buyers are at risk for scams when they buy from so-called "third party" sellers.  Many legitimate ticket sellers allow buyers to print their own tickets, and con artists will often sell these same tickets over and over again to unsuspecting buyers.  The BBB says to be wary of anyone who accepts only cash, wants money wired, or pressures you to act quickly.