Some Armory Square merchants in Syracuse are calling for a crackdown on "scary and and agressive panhandlers" who are killing business.

The manager at the Clinton Street Pub says the problem has gotten alot worse in the last year or so and many of her customers are complaining about these beggars who come out of the shadows at night and harrass her customers coming in and out of the tavern each night.

Katie Beckett wants the city to crack down on these panhandlers who's "in your face" style scares many of her customers.

Beckett says the pandhandlers "constantly stand outside my door asking for money as my customers walk in and then they get asked for money on thier way out. It doesn't matter how many times i tell them to go away, you can't loiter, they just come back."

Beckett says some of her customers say they won't return to Armory Square for fear of being harassed again.

She's repeatedly threatened the throngs of panhandlers that she'll call the police. They'll leave, and within an hour or so they're back again.

Beckett says she travels to other cities around the country and has never seen a panhandling problem as bad as it is in Syracuse.