The Oswego Common Council is so upset about how the annual Bridge Street Run ended up over the weekend, they've decided to ban the event outright and send the cleanup bill to SUNY Oswego.

Common Councilor Michael Todd sais the entire city looked like a war zone after the annual pub crawl which involves thousands of college students.. he says the bill alone for cleanup will come in at about 10 thousan dollars.

Even worse, Todd says many students were out of control. Some were having sex in public places, and they turned the city into an open urinal, going to the bathroom anywhere they pleased. Todd himself says he's caught one college couple having sex on his property during a college event three years ago after his young daughter spotted them near the family's woodpile having sexual relations.

The city has now sent the bill for cleanup to SUNY Oswego officials, who he says heave been uncooperative in the past in trying to deal with these situation and keep the college population from getting out of hand.