The state attorney general's office has settled with Casella Waste Systems over a number of competitive concerns. 

Anti-Trust Bureau chief Eric Stock says they felt Casella was entering into contracts with customers that were too long, and that the penalties to get out of those contracts were too severe.  The settlement will require Casella to shorten its contracts from 5 years to two, and reduce penalties for early termination from six months of fees to three months in the contract's first year and just one month in the contract's second year.

Stock says they also felt Cassella's acquisition of smaller competitors discouraged existing completion.  As part of the settlement, Casella will have give the AG's office advance notice of any future acquisitions.

The settlement applies to the counties in which Casella had the strongest market presence.  Those include St. Lawrence, Schuyler and Tompkins counties among several in the state.