Some serious accusation have been lodged again the town supervisor in Cicero.

Town resident Robert George, who's an attorney, stunned the audience at last night's town board meeting with accusations of unethical and possibly criminal behavior by town supervisor Jessica Zambrano.

George accuses the supervisor of being in a romantic relationship with Douglas Wickman. He's involved in a company that's been hired to do engineering work for the town. George also claims that Zambrano is now living with Wickman and called for her immediate resignation.

For her part, Zambrano told 570 WSYR that this is nothing more than politics in Cicero. She says when she began a relationship with Wickman, she made sure she vetted the relationship with the town attorney and even went to Albany for advice on whether there was any unethical situation brewing. She recieved an all clear sign from all parties.

Zambrano says the situation would become questionable as supervisor if she were to marry Wickman.

Zambrano also claims that her relationship with Wickman began long after the town hired the firm he's involved with for engineering work.